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For any business that owns and operates appliances, you know they must be operating or the downtime can cost you money. At Appliances of Broward™, we specialize in timely calls and quality service to ensure your business has minimal downtime on these appliances when they break. Our commercial customers often call on us to run inspections of equipment pro-actively to ensure they are never put in such a position.

Walk-In Refrigeration

If you’re a business with a walk-in cooler, chances are you have thousands of dollars worth of inventory that relies on a steady temperature. If that temperature is comprised, then you could lose a lot of money in spoiled product. In the food service industry, if inspectors find unsatisfactory temperatures, the costs can add up. Fines can be levied and customers reading the public published reports can lose confidence in doing business with you. At Appliances of Broward™, our technicians specialize in all variations of service and repair. In many cases, we even are called for inspections for pro-active customers who want to avoid problems before they happen.

Freezer and Refrigerator issues that may require service

If any of the following symptoms start to appear with your walk-in refrigeration units, it may be time to give us a call.


  • Low power/ outages – Sometimes the walk-in cooler can lose power and that could be due to a circuit breaker, a blown fuse, or maybe wiring issues that need to be addressed.
  • Increase in temperature – The flow of the colder air can be hampered by something as simple as an overloaded cooler. In some cases, there is a blockage like a buildup of frost in the machinery or the motor isn’t functioning properly.
  • Constant motor running – This would indicate a possible leak of refrigerant or a leak somewhere throughout the system that is allowing cool air to escape.
  • Ice buildup – After awhile, there could be an accumulation of ice in the vents, evaporator coils, a clogged drain line, or drain pan. This could be something that develops over time, or perhaps means there is a defective heater.

Commercial Ovens, Stove Tops & Ranges

A widely-used appliance in the food service industry, commercial ovens can slow down a kitchen or take items off your menu completely if they break down. Being in good working condition constantly is vital to ensure you don’t incur any downtime. We can respond fast to breakdowns, but definitely encourage have us stopping by to inspect equipment to pro-actively tackle possible issues before they become a major headache.

Call us if you experience the following issues:


  • Under-performing temperature – A cause of this problem might be a thermostat that is either faulty or would need re-calibration.
  • Food cooking unevenly – Improperly installed thermostats or other issues in heating components may be a cause of unevenly or undercooked food, which will lead to food quality issues and unhappy customers.
  • Pilot light issues- Faulty equipment like a thermocouple or safety valve could lead to your pilot light not lighting. Our technicians should be called to safely repair this issue.

Ice Making Machines

Here in Broward County, it goes without saying that the ice maker machine is critical. With year-round heat, a breakdown can result in many trips to the local convenience store for bags of ice. This will no doubt, take time and money for your employees to store, break up, and open up the bags. We provide not only reactive service for total breakdowns, but also proactive service to ensure that your ice machine is functioning at 100% to avoid any future issues.

Some problems that we can solve


  • Leaky unit- This could indicate a mechanical failure in the compressor or a line issue.
  • Uneven ice dispensing – There could be an issue with the feeding mechanism or a clog in the system.
  • Power outages – The unit’s production is limited due to low or no power to the system

We can service all types of ice makers

There are many types of ice makers including full, half, nugget, and flake machines. We can service all commercial ice machines in stand-alone, under-the-counter, and ice making machine/bin combination units.

Prep Tables

For the food service industry, Appliances of Broward™ repairs prep tables for sandwich shops, salad bars, and pizza restaurants. When a table’s mechanics malfunction, this could compromise the ingredients stored in the unit. Lower temperature is not only unsafe, but can also result in an infraction from a health inspector. We can repair both types of preparation tables:


  • Forced air units – The prep tables use a coil that cools the bottom of the unit by the base and rail zone. Restaurants use this machine best in low heat and humidity environments
  • Conductive systems – This unit has copper lines that are wrapped around the tank or pan opening. This creates a cold cushion of air on top of the ingredients to cool.

Deep Fryer Repair

With deep fryers being critical to a food menu, it’s imperative that the machine is back up and running quickly. Luckily, deep fryers are fairly easy to repair and our technicians will make quick work of your unit to get your operations back up and running. We work with all brands of deep fryers and can repair all components such as thermostats, safety gas valves, termopiles, hi-limits, and more.

Common issues


  • Pilot light has difficulty igniting
  • A faulty thermostate
  • Not shutting off

Considering that this is a potentially dangerous unit to repair, please contact us to repair breakdowns or provide an inspection to minimize future issues.

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Our standard service fee is $55. At Appliance of Broward we offer fair business practices.  Once the job is approved and completed our service fees are waived and applied to the price of the work.

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We keep a large inventory of parts to respond to your needs at a moments notice at all hours of the day.

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