Broward County Heating & Cooling Repair (HVAC)

At Appliances of Broward™, we specialize in repair of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. The hot weather here can certainly turn your living conditions or business into an uncomfortable space. Understanding the urgency of getting these repairs done in a timely manner is key to our business. We can service all brands of equipment and keep a large inventory of parts on hand to respond to your needs quickly and efficiently.

Air Conditioning Repair & Parts Replacement

Our customers call on us for timely repairs to their air conditioning units when breakdowns occur. Our specialists are HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) certified and can diagnose the issues for both residential and commercial applications. We provide the following air conditioning repair services:


  • Parts replacement and tune-ups
  • Air duct
  • Air cleaners and purifiers
  • Annual preventative maintenance
  • Same day emergency services
  • Attic fan repair
  • Duct cleaning and repair

Water Heaters

Even though a cold shower sounds good on some days, its best to have the option of a warm one! Appliances of Broward™ can get your water heater back up and running quickly and efficiently. Our technicians can diagnose and repair gas, tankless, and heat pump (hybrid) water heaters of most brands and models. We can respond to immediate 24-hour emergencies that are caused by the heater rupturing or line issues where there are leakages. We can also do inspections and can recommend to give us a call if the following occurs:


  • Hot water isn’t as fast as you have normally experienced
  • Leaks
  • You seem to be running out of hot water quicker than normal
  • No hot water at all


If the unit is an older unit, then you may have to replace if leaking starts to form at the bottom of the unit. However, for all other issues, there could be other causes. There could be faulty wiring or a bad thermostat that isn’t conveying the right current to the unit. There could be build up in the lines if the water quality is poor, or an issue with the heating element itself. If this seems to be the case, give us a call!


Although not used as much in other areas of the country, it still does get quite cold here in Broward! Our professional technicians can diagnose any issues with your heating system. Sometimes customers will call because it has been sitting dormant for so long during the summer, that the system will just need a tune up. Other times, there is something mechanical that requires a bit more attention. For both residential and commercial applications, we’re the company you can trust to ensure you stay warm during the cooler weather. A few of our services offered are:


  • Repair and replacement
  • Heat pump installation and maintenance
  • Furnace repair, parts, and maintenance
  • Hot water heaters and humidifiers
  • Emergency 24/7 service

Why Choose Appliances of Broward?

Satisfaction Guarantee

At Appliances of Broward, our goal is to provide the best customer service and response times that ensure that your household is up and running quickly and smoothly after a breakdown. We keep a large inventory of parts to respond to your needs at a moments notice at all hours of the day.

Service Fees Waived

Our standard service fee is $55. At Appliance of Broward we offer fair business practices.  Once the job is approved and completed our service fees are waived and applied to the price of the work.

Frequent Promotions

Appliances of Broward offers frequent promotions and deals on our products and services.  Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and check there often for current promotions we have running.

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We keep a large inventory of parts to respond to your needs at a moments notice at all hours of the day.

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