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Here in Fort Lauderdale, we sure do love our boats! Whether it be the large yachts, sailboats, charter, or recreational boats, Appliances of Broward™ is often called to fix the appliances on board. Our customers take great pride in their sea-faring vessels and want to ensure that their guests have a great time when they go out on the water. Some appliances are customized to fit and aren’t typical of the ones you will find in buildings. Our specialists are very well versed in all sorts of marine appliance repair and can be dispatched at a moments notice. We will work to ensure you’re back up and running quickly in time for that party you are hosting, or that charter business you’re running. Whether it be the corrosive salt in the air or rough seas, appliances can be put through the wringer on some vessels. Sometimes, it could be as simple as a pilot light going out, a wire shaking loose, or other factors that cause a breakdown.


From mini-coolers to wine chillers to large custom refrigerators/ freezers by brands such as Sub-Zero, our customers call us when there isn’t a leak or there seems to be little to no cold air. Our service technicians can work around the custom fittings to ensure that you’re back up and running so you can keep those cold beverages cool. We may have to ask the model number and brand of the unit to ensure we come prepared to provide quick service.

Ice Making Machines

Because after all, what is a cold beverage on a hot summer day on the sea without ice cubes? There are many size varieties of ice machines depending on the configuration of your galley. Ice machines may leak, make uneven ice cubes, or not work entirely due to line clogging, wiring, or any other mechanical issues. Our specialists can diagnose and repair most ice machines in a timely manner and ensure that no drink goes without an ice cube!

Stovetops, Ovens & Ranges

Preparing meals on-board for the luxury yachts is very important when entertaining guests or if you have a crew on a charter craft. For marine cooking, these appliances must be able to normally operate at a 30° angle to account for rougher seas. For stoves and ranges, this means extra latches to keep hot food from moving. For instance, in sailboats, ranges are often “gimbaled” which means they move on a swivel to stay level.  At Appliances of Broward™, we can repair these secure measures along with faulty wiring, gas line, and general mechanical issues. The electric appliances often run off the ship’s alternator or generator and it may take a more in-depth look at the wiring to solve the cause of an appliance failure. Some smaller boats are tight on space and require small countertop cooktops, or cooktops with broilers. Rest assured, we can repair all sizes.


For a lot of marine craft, dishwashers may be of normal size, but a lot of them are compact to fit small quarters. Our technicians can expertly diagnose and fix any issue in order to keep the galley dish and utensil cleaning efficient. We can work around the custom fittings to diagnose wiring, cycle problems, or any other mechanical issues.

Marine Appliance Safety Inspections

It is often recommended to give us a call to proactively inspect the appliances on board. Sometimes, our customers have ovens and ranges that run off of a gas line and you want to ensure everything is safe and secure for many voyages to come.

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At Appliances of Broward™, we have proudly grown through our customer service and prompt response to our customer’s needs. We are open 24 hours a day, so we can certainly take care of you whenever you have an emergency or just need general maintenance. We have an inventory on hand that can help us complete most jobs that are required on short notice. Just let us know the nature of the problem and our service experts will troubleshoot and fix the issue. We currently service all of Broward County, FL including the areas below.

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